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Businesses often have an inviting bunch of flowers on display at reception. Plants not only brighten an area for customers – they also make it a more pleasant, inviting and healthy place to work. As a business you can benefit from the health effects of foliage by bringing plants into the workplace.


In many workplaces the ventilation is far from ideal and smoking is still permitted. In addition, all sorts of materials and machines release harmful substances, such as formaldehyde, toluene, benzene, solvents, ozone and chemicals found in toner. This can cause health problems. Even in offices with good climate control systems, over 25% of staff are dissatisfied with the working environment.


5 reasons to have plants in your company


  • Fatigue, headache, coughing and irritated eyes reduced by 30%.
  • Staff are less stressed.
  • Staff using personal computers feel better and are more productive.
  • Plants permanently cut absence due to illness. In one Norwegian hospital it fell from 15% to 5%. That is a 60% reduction.
  • Plants offer a good return on investment.


In addition to improving the ventilation and positioning printers and copiers in a separate area, installing plants can also help to improve the air quality in the workplace. They humidify the atmosphere as water evaporates through their leaves; they absorb heat (and noise) and remove dust and pollutants from the air. Plants thus make the working environment healthier and more stable, and reduce symptoms and conditions associated with poor working conditions.

Plants do not just offer a benefit inside the building. Deciduous plants on the sun-facing side of the building keep the heat out in the summer an allow heat to enter in the winter. This can cut a company’s heating costs by 20%.