Welcome to our Website on Healthy Plants and Products in the Workplace

Healthy Plants in the Workplace is an information website that disseminates information about the benefits to health creates by having plants in the workplace. The materials can help employers with the development of a plants policy. The website helps individuals located in four European countries: the United Kingdom, France, Italy and the Netherlands.

Did you know that the indoor climate in a third of all modern office buildings in Europe is inadequate, and that as a result absence due to illness is much higher than normal?

A good indoor climate in the workplace is a prerequisite for achieving optimum performance from staff. In many workplaces the air is too dry and contains harmful substances which can cause health problems. Common complaints are a dry throat, headache, dizziness, fatigue, irritated eyes, airways and skin, and coughing.

Installing air-purifying plants can significantly reduce these health complaints. Plants put moisture into the air, absorb heat and noise, and can absorb and break down harmful substances.

People also perceive workplaces with plants as being more pleasant, which results in a demonstrable reduction in stress and symptoms such a headaches and fatigue. Amongst other things, research shows that workers who spend more than 4 hours a day in front of a computer screen feel better and are more productive when plants are placed near their monitor.foto_7